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December 20, 2012

Annual Service Calls Keep Your HVAC System In Peak Working Order

After working hard to keep Peachtree City and Fayetteville residents cool all summer, their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems hopefully are getting a little TLC in the form of an annual tune-up as winter approaches. Preventive maintenance on your system will keep it running efficiently and safely this heating season, saving you money on energy costs and extending its life. When your HVAC professional conducts a comprehensive annual service call, there are several factors that he or she will inspect […]
February 12, 2013

Whole-House Humidifier: Don’t Neglect Winter Maintenance

The Peachtree City area is beautiful, but also very humid. While you can’t control the outdoor relative humidity, you can control the humidity inside your home. A whole-house humidifier will help to maintain a comfortable indoor environment year round. However, regular maintenance, especially in the winter, is important to ensure your humidifier is working as efficiently as possible. Maintenance tips for whole-house humidifiers  Check that both the saddle valve and the solenoid valve are turning freely. The saddle valve is attached […]