plumbing problems

April 18, 2017

What to do About Discolored Water in Your Home

If your home’s water supply is off-color, it’s worrisome. If the water looks opaque and a close inspection shows you that the cloudy appearance is due to numerous tiny air bubbles, it’s generally not a cause for concern. However, other types of discoloration can be a warning of a serious issue in your water pipes or water heater that can result in pressure problems, repeated clogs or costly home water damage.   Learning about some common causes of discolored hot […]
April 25, 2017

Fixing These Common Plumbing Problems

No matter how well you care for your plumbing system, problems can still pop up from time to time. Learn how to handle the most common plumbing problems and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and expense. Clogs Minor clogs can be cleared by adding two tablespoons of dish soap and a pot of boiling hot water to the drain, waiting 15 minutes, then flushing the drain again with hot water. For a more stubborn clogged sink drain, use […]
June 22, 2017

The Main Summer Plumbing Problems

If you were asked to name a seasonal plumbing problem, you might say frozen pipes in the wintertime. Summer plumbing problems can make just as much mess, cause water damage to your home and elevate your household water bill as well. Here are some of the main plumbing issues to watch out for this summer: Clogged Toilet The toilets in your bathrooms can get a lot of use if you have children who are out of school for the summer […]