return air ducts

March 15, 2016

Your Guide to Understanding Return Air Ducts

The air duct system plays a vital role in your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system. Without it, there’s no way for conditioned air to circulate throughout your home. However, there’s another aspect of a typical ductwork system that some people (including housing contractors) sometimes don’t consider sufficiently, the return air ducts. A forced-air HVAC system begins with the equipment heating the air, or removing heat energy from the air for cooling. A powerful blower fan pushes air through the […]
May 19, 2016

How to Quiet the Noisy Air Vents in Your Home

It’s completely normal for your central air system to make noise. The outdoor unit is going to hum and whir from the powerful fan and compressor. You may even hear swooshing sounds from refrigerant circulating through the indoor air handler. Though, if noisy air vents have reached levels that disturb your normal activities, use these tips to get to the root of the problem. Noisy Supply Air Vents Whooshing — Airflow exiting the supply vents can make quite loud whooshing […]