August 2, 2012

Thinking About A New Air Conditioner? Make Sure You Have It Properly Sized

As you make preparations to upgrade to a new air conditioner, you’re looking for cooling equipment that will both keep your home comfortable and save you money. Besides looking at SEER ratings and for features like filter check lights, you must make sure that your contractor is capable of sizing your new air conditioner to your specific needs. Because climate control sizing is the first step in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness, insist that your HVAC contractor utilizes Manual J load […]
August 13, 2015

Is a Heat Pump Better Than an Air Conditioner?

In a moderate climate like ours, heat pump advantages outweigh those of a central air conditioner because a heat pump also acts as safe and reliable heating system. Air conditioners only cool, and if you need to upgrade both your cooling and heating equipment, a heat pump can do both with one appliance. Heat pumps differ from air conditioners in that they have a reversing switch that changes the refrigerant flow from summer cooling to winter heating. A/C systems and […]
August 25, 2015

What Features Should I Look for in a Central A/C?

When it’s time to replace your cooling system, use this time as an opportunity to identify features to look for in a central A/C. Since these systems last an average of 15 years, taking time to make thoughtful and educated choices before your final decision will increase your satisfaction with this major investment. Size Considering the length and intensity of the cooling season, it’s easy to think that a bigger cooling system would cool your home better. Actually, the opposite is true. Any oversized cooling […]