severe weather

September 7, 2017

Ways Rain Could Affect Your Home’s HVAC System

When it comes to rain, it always seems as if there’s too much or not enough. In our region, heavy rainfall can sometimes cause big problems with our homes, our landscapes — and even the HVAC system. Learn all about possible rain effects on HVAC systems by reading the following. How Rain Can Impact Your HVAC System The side of your HVAC system that is most likely to be affected by rain is the outdoor section of the air conditioner […]
May 24, 2016

Important Tips for Storm Season Preparation

It’s the time of year when spring storm preparation should be on your household “to-do” list. Here in the Atlanta area, the season for potentially severe weather begins in February and extends to June. During that period, severe storms including heavy rain, hail, high wind and lightning strikes are more likely. Not to mention the threat of tornadoes in North Georgia exceeds twice the national average. Severe weather can pose a threat to all parts of your home. Your HVAC […]