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How to Save Money and Energy in Summer

hvac summer energy billsWhile you’re probably looking forward to the fun days of summer, there’s a good chance that you’re absolutely dreading the uptick in energy usage that plagues many households during these warmer months of the year. To ease your stress a bit, here are a few simple techniques that will help you get your HVAC summer energy bills under control:

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

It is always advisable that you schedule annual maintenance with a qualified HVAC technician once per year to keep your equipment in tip-top shape, but regular check-ups will help provide the best performance. Plus, caring for your system in this way will make it last longer.

Invest in New Air Conditioning Equipment

No matter how fantastic your air conditioner has performed in the past several years, it will eventually get to a point where it’s breaking down or in great need of repairs. Although the expenditure might be something that you would prefer to avoid, newer HVAC equipment is more energy efficient and reliable than many predecessors, which means the added cost will even itself out due to lower energy bills.

Periodically Replace the Air Filter 

Your air conditioner’s filter should be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on equipment usage and the amount of debris that it captures during that time. This will help your system run more efficiently and less often, which means your energy usage will go down in the summer months.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Many households still use a manual thermostat to control their cooling needs. If your household fits in this category, it’s time to upgrade to a programmable wi-fi model that will allow you to select the days and times of operation, provide you with energy reports, allow remote access, and several other energy-saving features.

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Save Energy: Tips to Use This Summer

Save Energy: Tips to Use This SummerThe summer climate in Peachtree City can mean big air conditioning expenses. But if you’re looking for ways to save money on cooling this summer, you don’t have to sacrifice your home comfort — try a few of these energy saving tips and stay cool while your energy use drops.


  • Change your A/C’s air filter. The filter in your home HVAC system is often overlooked, but it has a big effect on how efficiently your system really runs. And if the filter is clogged, conditioned air has a harder time moving through your home — meaning that you’re not getting the full effect of your system’s cooling.
  • Cut down on direct sunlight by using curtains, drapes, awnings, reflective coatings, and other window treatments.
  • If you’re planning any landscaping around your home, add shade to your sun-facing windows: trees, trellises, and other green features add beauty and sun protection.
  • Keep the area around your external A/C unit clear of plants, clutter, and other debris. The more airflow the external unit gets, the more efficiently it can discharge heat from your home.
  • Avoid using the oven during the hottest parts of the day. Cook during the cooler hours, or use stovetops or microwaves — or step outside to grill!
  • Use a dehumidifier. Humid air holds more heat — which is why hot, muggy days have a higher “feels like” temperature. A whole-home dehumidifier may be useful in some homes, while others may only need a small, standalone unit to take care of specific rooms.
  • Seal any air leaks around your home’s envelope. Air leaks let conditioned air out of your home and let hot air in, which means more work for your A/C.
  • Seal and insulate your ductwork. As air is carried through your home by the ducts, it may lose its temperature or even be lost to air leaks. This costs many homes almost a third of their energy use.

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