Heating Repairs


Repairs such as minor part replacements, changing your filters and checking your system for refrigerant issues is a fact of life for all mechanical equipment. We at Powers make sure to use the latest technology, verify the right parts are used the first time and work hard to make sure we help you find comfort in your home again.
To help answer some of the more popular service call questions we have included them here:

How to setup a service call?

Do you charge for a service call?

  • Yes, we do charge a service fee for each service call dispatched.

What is your diagnostic fee?

  • Our service fee is based upon the service area and time of day. Calling our office is the best way to get an exact service fee. Service fees range from $75 - $250 depend on the location and appointment time.

When do I need to schedule a service call?

  • When you are not comfortable in your home!
  • You may also need to schedule a service call when hearing strange noises or your equipment is misbehaving.