When you wake up in the morning to a cold house on a cold day, because your heating system has broken down during the night, that’s the time to call Powers. When your system is sluggish, not quite keeping your house warm enough, that’s the time to call Powers. When you haven’t had your heating system serviced in a few years and you’re not sure if it’s working the way it should, that’s the time to call Powers.

But perhaps even better to call Powers before it’s an issue, and to have a Powers Heating and Air Preventative Maintenance Agreement in place.

Whether you have a Preventative Maintenance Agreement or not, Powers is there in urgent situations—even over weekends and holidays. We have after hours emergency technicians available to solve a heating crisis.

And when it’s time to replace your system, we have affordable, excellent quality options. We won’t push you to a replacement when a repair will do—it’s our commitment to integrity. 


1What sets Powers Heating & Air apart from other companies in our area?
Experience. We were founded in 1979 and have been serving homes and businesses throughout South Metro Atlanta for more than 40 years. We tell you what needs to be repaired, and then we make suggestions. But we never pressure you to make replacements or repairs on things that are not necessary.
2What should I do before turning my furnace on?
If you have a gas furnace, whether natural gas or propane, make sure that you have a connection to your natural gas provider and propane in your tank. Check your filters, especially if they're one-inch filters. Older ones will have a build-up of dust that emits a burning smell when you fire up the furnace. Pulling that filter out and replacing it with a new one helps keep that down. If you have a humidifier, check to make sure it's not leaking. If you feel like it might not be working, or if your house is too dry when you turn your heat on, call and schedule a service appointment.
3Do all systems come with a humidifier?
No. It is a standalone piece that is tied into your ductwork. If you don’t know you have one, then you probably don’t. But if you frequently wake up with dry mouth, it’s a great addition to have.
4Does Powers install humidifiers?
We do install humidifiers. We'll have to come out and look and see which one you need depending on the application.
1What else should I check?
If you haven't had your ducts cleaned, this is a good time to do it. Also check your flues, to make sure you don't have nesting birds. Your furnace is designed to shut off if it’s got an airflow blockage. But if your flue is falling apart or disintegrating because of moisture or rust, it will have to be replaced. This is always a good time to test your carbon monoxide detectors as well, because winter is the most likely season for carbon monoxide poisoning. And make sure that your attic is sealed up for the winter, to avoid unnecessary heat loss. Maintenance will typically catch most of these problems immediately during a routine service check.
2Do I need a service agreement then?
We always stress that you don't have to have a maintenance agreement to keep your system operating. It is more cost effective to continue a maintenance agreement, but it's not required.
3Is switching back and forth from heat to AC harmful?
Right now in the South, when some days are hot and some days are cold, we often switch our systems from heat to cool. And that’s OK. It doesn't hurt your system. It's actually designed to do that.
4Do I need someone to light my pilot light?
Modern systems have automatic ignitions and don't require a technician to come out and light the pilot. Only substantially older equipment has a standing pilot.
1Does the color of my furnace flame matter?
It's an odd question, but yes the color of your flame DOES matter. The flame should ordinarily be blue. If you look inside your furnace and see an orange flame, that means it’s too oxidized. When that’s the case, our technicians will come out and clean the burners or, in the worst case, replace them.
2At what age do you replace a heating system?
The typical lifespan of a heating system is eight to twelve years, depending on the grade of equipment and the maintenance that's been done on it. The more you maintain your equipment, the longer it will last. Financially, it is smart to start setting money aside and planning for that replacement around year eight, because it’s an expensive investment. Most replacements start around $2,500 just for the major component equipment. Full system replacements can run much higher.
3What do I do if I smell gas?
Call 9-1-1. Do not call us! Atlanta Gas Light and the fire department can turn the gas off faster than a service technician can get to the house. We will come out and help the fire department, but you've got to call them first.
4What is your service area?
Based in Peachtree City, Powers Heating & Air serves residential and commercial heating clients in Fayette County, Coweta County, and South Fulton County.