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Neat And Tidy Ways To Control Indoor Dust

Neat And Tidy Ways To Control Indoor Dust

Neat And Tidy Ways To Control Indoor DustControlling indoor dust is an important part of maintaining a clean, healthy living environment. Countless studies have shown a link between airborne dust particles and respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma and colds. Try using the following tips to reduce or eliminate indoor dust for a cleaner, healthier home:

  • Leave dirt at the door: Any dirt that is tracked in by your shoes or boots can easily be kicked up into the air by everyday foot traffic. You can avoid this problem by removing your shoes at the door.
  • Use a high-quality vacuum: Invest in a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and use it on your carpeting at least once a week to keep indoor dust at bay.
  • Check your dryer vent: If air from your dryer is not being properly vented outdoors, it can cause problems with airborne lint. Double-check your dryer vent to make sure it is free from obstructions and working correctly.
  • Consider installing hardwood floors: Carpeting is notorious for contributing to problems with dust and allergens. Upgrading to hardwood floors throughout your home can dramatically reduce dust levels and improve indoor air quality.
  • Seal air leaks: Unsealed cracks in your home’s envelope can allow dust to sneak indoors. You can reduce this problem by using caulk, weather stripping or spray foam to seal air leaks.
  • Try air purification: Using a whole-house air purification system is one of the most effective ways to reduce indoor dust. These systems, which install directly into your home’s existing ductwork, are designed to trap airborne dust particles, resulting in cleaner indoor air.
  • Have your ductwork cleaned: Dust and debris that has built up inside your home’s ductwork can be blown out into the air every time your furnace turns on. The best way to eliminate this problem is by hiring a qualified contractor to clean your ductwork.

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